English for home makers

English Communication  is the most important skill in life today as it is not only the unifying language throughout India but across the world as well. English Communication is not only needed in professional but also required in daily personal life.

According ro harvard study of 2019, only 12 percent of housewives can speak fluent English in India. This number come down to 8% in Gujarat.

Growing Minds Achievement Center  has launched a special program for women called “Smart Moms” which will help every home-maker converse in English and empower them to make their own identity and name in society both personally and professionally which will increase their confidence For this we have partnered with  Oxford University Press, a department of the Oxford University London, for spoken English program that is designed especially  for Indians.

Why Growing Minds?

  • Learn from experienced trainers.
  • Interactive and fun classes in a comfortable and friendly environment.
  • 2 months course with access to online practice for 1 year.
  • On completion, receive Oxford University Press Certificate*.

Benefits of learning to speak in English?

1. Conversation with your kids

Mothers can feel more confident and closer to their kids when they converse in English with them or their friends and parents, at Parents-teachers meets or help their children with their studies.

2. Conversation with your friends

Women feel more at ease in social gathering when they can make conversation with others and feel socially accepted in the kitty parties who converse in English all the time.

3. Conversation with your NRI friends and family

Most women shy away from making conversation with their NRI family and friends because of their English. They may even shy away from visiting them. This is when English becomes important as it a unifying language for communication.

4. From Homemaker to Entrepreneurs

There are immense opportunities for women to convert their interest/hobby into opportunity by starting own business online with minimal investment or to even grow their business globally. The only criteria required is the will to start AND communication skills, more importantly English Communication skills.

5. For day to day interaction

There is great deal of hesitation among Indian home makers if they must converse in English   whi le travelling or outside ticket counter of movie theaters or at malls. Hence some chose to stay away from all this to avoid being in an awkward situation.

NOW no women will say “I am Just a housewife”