Raj Ganesan

Raj Ganesan

Management Consultant

Raj Ganesan is a seasoned management consultant (most recently as Director, PwC LLP) who has worked with many of the world's leading corporations to address their performance challenges. He has completed over 100 projects in five continents and has helped companies achieve phenomenal results. Tenure includes top-notch Strategy consulting firm, Big Four professional services organization, and venture-backed $100 million professional services company.

Few consultants know the global business world as well as Raj Ganesan. His selected North American clients include Independent Blue Cross, New York Life, MetLife, Electronic Arts, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, EMC, Hyperion, Bank One, T Rowe Price, Bankers Trust, Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Dupont, Astra Zenica, ICI, Novell, Cisco, Verizon, and PECO. His global clients include Singapore Airlines, Beijing Industries, Seven Seas Shipping, BearingPoint, Telstra Australia, Brazilian telecomm and CRTV, Cameroon.

Synopsis / SUMMARY

  • Completed over 100 business growth projects across 20 countries in 5 continents
  • 40+ M&A, JV, Partnerships for Fortune 500 and mid-size companies
  • Adjunct Professor at two leading US Universities teaching MBA courses